If you think it’s too early…IT’S NOT.  On a very real note, wedding dates book up quickly - we’re talking at least six months to a year out (I’m not lying when I say FAST AF)! 

With this in mind, it’s never too early to lock in your photographer

The sooner the better, actually. 


Here’s the scoop:

  1. Fill out the contact form below + give me alllllll the juicy deets!  Take your time + try to refrain from quick one-line answers - I want to get to know you as a friend, not just as a potential client. 
  2. I will respond within 48 hours.  I do a LOT of traveling, + as much as I love you already, I don’t want to wreck my ride because I was emailing-and-driving.  I strive for prompt communication, because that’s what you deserve.
  3. I’ll get to know all about you, your love, your vision, + the awesome details that will be going into your best day ever!  We can accomplish this through emails, phone calls, Skype dates, coffee meet-ups, or over drinks + appetizers.  Whatever works for you, I’ll be there!
  4. I’ll send you a proposal with a variety of no-BS packages, and we will talk openly about pricing + figure out the best fit for your wedding day. 
  5. You’ll pick your package, and I’ll send you contracts + an invoice.
  6. You’ll sign the contract + pay the retainer of 30% upon booking (this goes toward the total cost of your package). 
  7. BAM - all done!  You’ve officially booked your wedding photographer! YAAAAAS! We are going to create dope photos + rad memories together, AND - bonus - you’ll have a pretty awesome new friend! :D  #SoExcited
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 To ensure I get back to you as soon as possible with the exact information you are looking for, please make sure to complete this form in all of it's entirety.