Emily Zumwalt | Sandia High Senior | Class of 2016 | Future Disney Cast Member

Working with Emily is always so much fun and a grand adventure. I met Emily at the Concrete Jungle event hosted by MMSNM (Monster Model Shoots of New Mexico) last fall and LOVED shooting with her. 

Emily is an incredibly talented model and has such a beautiful soul. Her beauty shines inside and out, she is so much fun to be around, and did I mention she LOVES Disney (we totally click when it comes to our love for Disney!). When she graduates from Sandia High, Emily plans to pursue a career in business and music. She also plans to apply for the Disney College Program and audition as Belle. Her dream is to become a Disney Princess. (We 110% think she will make the most perfect Belle and can't wait to visit her on our yearly Disney trips!)

We met in the morning, which isn't usually a norm for me when it comes to shooting, but it definitely should be. The crisp, fresh air and the sounds of nature surround the radiant beauty of Carlitos Springs. It's perfectly hidden in the cute town of Tijeras outside of eastern Albuquerque. The hike to Carlitos Springs isn't a long one, but it is uphill which can make a girl winded halfway through, but we had such a fun time conversing with one another, the hike was a total breeze!

"For all four years of my high school career, I was involved in theatre. I love Sandia's drama department, and I've always had a love for acting" - Emily

Emily brought four different outfits for her senior session. She accessorized her outfits with a simple necklace and nothing more. She didn't want anything to take away from herself and the nature surrounding her. 

My whole life I've been a free spirited and happy person, so I wanted the shoot to portray that. " - Emily

We asked Emily for advice for other seniors planning to take their senior photos. We were very excited when she was happy to share her helpful advice and kind words. 

What's one piece of advice you have for other seniors getting their picture taken?

" Just be confident, you are who you are and you're unique and beautiful in your own way! " 

 How would you advise someone else to prepare for a senior photo session?

" Think about what you want these photos to look like when you look at them years from now! " 

Any tips on hair or makeup?

" Natural looking hair and make up is what I usually think a good senior portrait looks like. But if you feel more confident with for example dark make up, then do that! " 

Emily had previously gone through a knee surgery which kept her from modeling for quite awhile. This shoot was her very first time back after the surgery. When I told her about this location, I knew it would fit the style she was going for perfectly, but was terrified about her knee and the uphill journey to get to this magical little piece of heaven. Emily also had some fears, but it ended up well worth it! 

" My biggest fear was my knee that I recently had surgery on, in the end it didn't give me much trouble and the pictures turned out amazing! " - Emily
I really love modeling and acting. Being on stage always gives me the biggest adrenaline rush. I also love music, and currently I work a lot of local shows as a door girl and I'm an intern for Fearless Records. If becoming a Disney Princess does not work out for me, I'd love to be a tour manager for a band someday! " - Emily

We asked Emily to choose three words to describe herself. 


We couldn't agree more with her.

Emily has an passionate attitude for life and will accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Whether it be touring with bands as their manager or signing autographs and inspiring the hearts of young children as a beautiful Disney Princess, Emily will go above and beyond to make her dreams come true and we cannot be more proud and supportive of her. 


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. " - Walt Disney