| Blog Promise. |

I want my blog to be more than just strictly photography. I read other blogs and I feel like I’m reading commercials. The photos are beautiful and I hope I am not offending others, but I truly want to be connected with the people that follow my blog (even if that’s only one person), I don’t want to be a commercial. I want to be connected.


So once in awhile, I will write personal blog posts that hit close to home. 

I will write blogs about being a foodie and my new recipes for you all to try.

I will write blogs about my healthy journey to not only keep myself accountable, but to help inspire others as well.

I will write blogs about my favorite products and thoughts about new trends.

I’ll have guest bloggers come and write interesting posts about their lives and journeys.

I’ll write blogs about books, movies, trips, and things I can review about.

I plan to write blogs about Disneyland and helpful tips for planning your next trip.


I promise you that I will try to not be strictly business and boring. 


I will try to write new and interesting blogs. I will come up with as many creative styled shoots as I can dream up. I will find things to talk about. And I will try to not leave dry spells between posts. 


Even if it means making a whole pot of coffee and typing blog posts for hours and hours. 


This blog will be more than just photography. 

It will be worth reading.