Benita + Lucas | Forest Engagement | Albuquerque, NM

Benita and Lucas have the most beautiful love story I have ever heard. I've known Benita since I was in high school and I was ecstatic when she asked me to be their photographer. The Alameda Bosque was the perfect place to photograph their engagement. The trees, richness of the greenery, and forest-y feel reminds one of being back home in northern New Mexico. Benita and Lucas have the sweetest personalities. Their love is the kind of love you read about in fairy tales. The way they look at each other, their never ending smiles, and the laughs they share will truly make you believe in happily ever after. I asked them a few questions and Benita's answers will make your heart melt! Grab a tissue, guys. You are about to read the sweetest love story of all time. 


"How/When/Where did you first meet?"

Benita: "In every girls life there is a boy she'll never forget, and a summer where it all began." While back home from NMSU for summer break, I would have never imagined that my life would change for the better as well as forever! Summers in Taos meant lots of fun mountain rides and river days, as well as long fun filled nights with great friends. While I was more than content just enjoying the summer with pals, life had a different plan. I was introduced to Lucas, a small town country boy who had the biggest heart and cutest smile that I could not get enough of. We instantly became best friends and there was not a single moment of that summer that we weren't together and off on some new adventure. That was the best summer of my life, and while my heart ached in August for the inevitable seperation that came with summer's close and my return to school, I got the suprise of a lifetime with Lucas moving as well to give our new relationship a fighting chance at something more! Here we are four and half years later getting ready to walk down the isle together and I could not be more thrilled nor thankful enough for that amazing summer!

"How/When/Where did the proposal happen?"

Benita: The proposal is something that still gets me very teary eyed to this day because Lucas completely caught me off guard! He understands my obsession with all things Disney, and we had discussed going on a Disney Cruise for quite awhile until one day he just started planning it. Before I knew it we were all ready to set sail to the Bahamas. The night of his birthday we made our way to the top deck to watch the evening fireworks shoot off the cruise ship and beautifully reflect on the ocean. I could not ask for a more beautiful view! Just as Jiminy Cricket's song "Wish Upon a Star" started playing along to the firework display Lucas told me "Babe, this has been the best birthday, but there is one more thing I want for my birthday," I asked "What's that?" and he asked me to turn around where I found him down on one knee as he stated "For you to become my wife!" Of course I cried and to this day I cannot get over that perfect evening, with the perfect proposal, and my own true life Prince Charming. I am beyond blessed to be living out our very own personal fairy tale!

"How did you know he was the one?"

Benita: I knew he was the one the moment I brought him around my family! They are the most important people in my life and when their response to him was overwhelmingly amazing, I just knew he was the perfect fit. To this day I still tease him that my family loves him more than me, because he is pretty darn amazing. His huge heart, unconditional love, constant support, amazingly handsome good looks, award winning personality, love for God, and the ability he has to make others laugh and smile has me hooked for life. I could go on and on about this man, but I will just say this; I am incredibly blessed and always have and always will cherish our relationship more than anything!

"How do you envision your wedding?"

Benita: As a dream come true! We are getting married back home in Taos, NM this September. Fall is our favorite season and the beautiful landscape and fall foliage of the mountain will make for an excellent backdrop. Our big day is a fall country, rustic themed wedding and will incorporate all things we love about that time of year from the colors, to the leaves, to the carmel apples, and even hunting! Majority of the wedding is DIY and will add to the overall uniqueness. Being from a small town means we both have huge families who hold very important roles in our lives as well as a large group of friends. Our wedding is inevitably pretty large, but our day would not be complete without every single one of those individuals being present. Looking forward to forever!

Capturing these tangible moments for Benita and Lucas meant the world to us. Their heart warming love story is one for the books. We are so ecstatic to photograph their wedding. We can't wait to capture their love, laughter, and happily ever after!