A fresh start..

Photography has always been such an important aspect of my life. For as long as I can remember, I would start each day with an optimistic vision and a camera in hand. I was such a nuisance to my friends and classmates bringing my little disposable cameras with me to school every day so I  could capture every moment with all of us together. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever even considered this passion of mine to become more than a hobby. It has became my career. 

As you all know, Jasmine Dee Creative Photography has been my business for quite a few years now. Being only 19 years old when I began this journey, I did not know what this venture was going to entail. 
Becoming a small business owner was a total adventure of it's own. My top priority is making my customers happy. This means capturing every smile and every happy moment. The laughter and joy I get to experience is one of the best feelings in the world, but the job as a photographer isn't just capturing the photos and going on our merry way. It's spending countless hours behind your computer away from family and loved ones. It's a lack of social interaction and constantly living your life through the eyes of your business. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's part of the job and it is a total blessing. 
Growing as an adult has made me realize I needed to grow as a much better business owner. So I have been working on a business restart for the past couple of months. My goal is to give you the absolute best service and products. This means turn around times will be substantially quicker. Message response times will decrease dramatically. Our product will be more consistent. Blogging and previews will be posted sooner and be much easier to share. Communication will improve. Basically, we are going to be better than ever!

Along with these dramatic improvements, I decided to get rid of my old business name and start fresh. 

The new business name will be Jasper Kay Photography.

Let me give you the background of how this name was chosen. 
I wanted a name that sounded spirited, but professional. 
I did NOT want my first and middle name to be tied in with my business.
I still wanted to have a name that sounded like a person.
Obviously Jasper is the first 3 letters of both my first and last name.

Here's the thing, when I looked up what jasper was I came to find that it's a stone that has healing properties. In my research, I found this specific explanation on a site and knew it was perfect for what I wanted my business to be.


Here's the lovey-dovey mush for the "Kay" part of my new name.
My boyfriend, Alex has always been very supportive of my photography. We've been together for almost 4 years now. I honestly wouldn't have ever even considered it to be a career if it wasn't for him. For the past 7 months, I have been working part time at restaurants to afford the bills and as much as I love working with people, I haven't been happy. I have been in a huge depression and slump because I don't have time to take photos because of my restaurant job. I took off a month from work to attend the Three Nails Workshop in Louisiana and to get mentored by the amazing Hunter Leone, to travel to California, and to see my younger sister graduate this weekend in Taos. On the drive back from California, I told Alex how I felt. I broke down into tears because I love photography and I hate putting my passion on the back burner. The feeling of not being able to do what you love is a heartbreaking and horrible feeling.

So Alex heard me. And I am not saying he just listened because I was ugly crying my eyes out, but he HEARD me. He told me he's never seen me have so much confidence in myself and know exactly what I want and how much it means to me. So we decided that with this new business change, I am GOING to do this full time and he is going in on it with me. We are a TEAM. I am the creative artsy one and he is the educated, businessman.

Kay stands for the first letter of his last name (Kingery) because this business isn't just mine now. It's ours. We are business partners and life partners. 

Jasper Kay Photography is now open for business. It’s not goodbye to the photographer you have grown with and trust to capture your special moments. It’s a re-awaking to the world of endless possibility. When one door closes, another door opens to brand new and exciting opportunities. Venture into these new opportunities with an open heart and an open mind. This restart will still provide our past, present, and future customers with exceptional service and product.  It’s an opportunity to grow as a professional, to learn different skills, and offer the best photographic service possible. 

We are completely starting fresh with new social media sites– I would be honored if you would continue to follow my photography journey through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

So this is the start to a whole new world of adventure. I have chosen to take a new path in my career and I hope you are excited to walk with me as I explore this new, exciting, crazy, and wonderful career path. You guys are AMAZING. It's because of you and your love for my work that I have made this decision to become better, to embark on new adventures, and  to continue to capture your beautiful smiles.

All my love,

Jasmine Peralta